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Surgical stents - Do you fabricate Surgical stents?
Yes! We do and because we finish so many Implant cases we are very aware of the importance of the Guide Stents, call us for any questions you may have on this topic!
Combination Cases - Can you complete all the steps involving a C&B case combined with removable appliances?
Yes, absolutely! We love combination cases.
Implants - Custom Abutments - Can you fabricate a custom abutment from my tissue level impression?
Yes, and with ANY brand. We fabricate them ALL - titanium OR zirconia!
Digital Impressions - Do you accept them?
Yes, we have accepted thousands from 3M C.O.S, Sirona Cerec Connect and Itero.
Removable Appliances - Do you fabricate removable appliances,everything from nightguards to attachment denture/partial cases?
Yes, absolutely we have an entire removable department dedicated to serving every aspect of removable appliances. Call us and we can walk you through simple or complex case anytime!
Orthodontic Appliances - Do you fabricate Orthodontic appliances?
Yes! We do, everything from the simple band and loops to the most complex palatal expanders. Our orthodontic technician has over 20 years experience and would be willing to answer any questions you might have.