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Pacific Dental Arts is an Authorized Bruxzir Lab

Greg Wallace and Jim Glidewell at a training program

We are now an Authorized BruxZir Laboratory, offering solid zirconia (monolithic) crowns & bridges that are virtually unbreakable!

A Message from Greg Wallace, C.D.T.
Mr. Glidewell told me that his Authorized BruxZir Labs have had over 600,000 BruxZirs seated, and to that point not a single dentist has phoned to complain about the wear against natural dentition. He also told me he thinks sirconia studies from major universities are great and they (Glidewell) do their own but to him that's the real proof!

Reasons to Consider BruxZir Solid Zirconia

  • BruxZir is virtually chip proof, making it the ideal restoration for bruxers, implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space.
  • More esthetic than metal and full-cast gold crowns.
  • Zirconia has proven biocompatibility, having been used in medical implants.

Learn more about BruxZir here.

Pacific Dental Arts is a Procera Nobel Biocare Design Center

Pacific Dental Arts
A Procera Design Center

Procera All-ceramics CAD/CAM technology originated in 1989 and many millions of units have been delivered throughout the world with a 99% success rate. Over the years, and more recently, Procera had added to it's ceramic materials

Procera's original AllCeram restoration consists of two levels of technology - a CAD/CAM high strength sintered aluminum oxide ceramic core combined with a translucent veneering porcelain. The alumina cores are produced using CAD/CAM technology for accurate marginal fit and are available in two levels of thickness (.4 mm) for anteriors and (.6 mm) for anteriors, posteriors and bridgework. NobelProcera Alumina's high translucency makes it ideal for solutions in esthetically demanding areas. This material has proven, long-term clinical success (millions of cases since 1989) in both single-tooth restorations and anterior 2-4 unit bridges.

For many dentists, NobelProcera Zirconia is the ceramic material of choice for strong and highly esthetic restorations. Frameworks in Zirconia are available for cement- and screw-retained solutions on teeth and implants from single-unit to multi-unit restorations. Zirconia displays excellent biocompatibility with significant reduction of plaque and bacterial adhesion on surfaces.
Industrial material shading (available in four shades: white, light, medium, intense) guarantees consistent color and strength values of the material.

IPS e.max® CAD Full-Contour Crown
IPS e.max® CAD crown by NobelProcera is a full-contoured, precision milled, monolithic, all-ceramic restorative solution. This product is available in 20 shades (16 A-D and 4 bleaching shades) and can be cemented or adhesively bonded.


Sirona inLab

Pacific Dental Arts
An inLab Laboratory

Pacific Dental Arts utilizes the Sirona inLab system and we would love to show it to you. Call to schedule a tour and see this advanced CAD/Cam system in action, or click here to watch a video overview of the technology.

Explore the all-ceramic possibilities with Sirona’s inLab 3D system. This complete communication gateway between Dentists and inLab laboratories paves the way for the “impression-free” dental practice and is the world’s first and only complete online dental communication platform that offers web-based digital model transmission from the dental practice directly to the lab. It saves money by reducing fabrication costs and speeds up the production process. The result is superior precision and consistent quality.

Sirona’s advanced software enables laboratories to mill crown copings, multi unit bridge frameworks, inlays, onlays and fully contoured crowns. We are also able to accept your digital impression.

When you prescribe Sirona inLab® restorations, you enjoy the best of all worlds: clinically proven strength, exceptional beauty, and unwavering clinical confidence. Get all the positive aspects you expect with PFMs, but without the metal. Yttrium-stabilized zirconium oxide has proven to be the strongest all-ceramic dental material available, with no compromise of esthetics.

Constant software upgrades and myriad restorative options keep the inLab CAD/CAM system at the forefront of dental technology.

IPS Empress®

Ivoclar has once again raised the bar in the smile revolution and Pacific Dental Arts has kept pace with the technology.

With more than 25 million restorations placed worldwide, IPS Empress® Esthetic delivers the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and trusted clinical performance.

These restorations offer outstanding esthetics, excellent fit, biocompatible ceramic material, and are long-lasting. The resin-bonded ceramic restorations look the most like tooth enamel and are perfect for veneers, inlays and onlays, but can also be prescribed for crowns.

IPA Case Study (below): A patient of Dr. John Walker D.D.S., Olympia

IPS e.max®

With the demand for esthetic all-ceramic restorations increasing, IPS e.max is a perfect blend of press and CAD/CAM technology, delivering a highly esthetic and high-strength restoration.

Whether your framework is pressed from their ingots, or scanned, designed, and then cut from the milling machine, the universal e.max ceram veneering porcelain allows us to control shade and light reflectance more accurately than ever before.

IPS e.max now offers the possibility to fabricate all-ceramic bridges in addition to individual crowns.

LAVA® 3m Espe

Pacific Dental Arts is an authorized Lava 3m Espe design center.

Lava is another innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base.

Lava crowns and bridges are reliable restorations with excellent esthetics and outstanding marginal fit. Optimum esthetics can be achieved through a thin, translucent core.

Lava has the superior strength of zirconia with high fracture resistance. Lava preps require minimal removal of tooth structure and conventional cementation is possible.

Due to its outstanding strength and esthetic appeal, Lava System materials cover a wide range of crown and bridge applications for most anterior and posterior restorations.

A Related Service / ClearMatch Shade Analysis

Pacific Dental Arts
A ClearMatch Laboratory

ClearMatch is a shade analysis and communication tool for dentists and dental laboratories to perform highly accurate analysis of shade, value and anatomical features of teeth in seconds using your standard digital camera, with a black and white reference sleeve that we provide. You simply take the photo with the black and white tab in place and send us the photos on a film card or CD.

We are happy to schedule an appointment for your patient to come to our lab for a photo if necessary.

Patients visiting the laboratory for this service are invited to download our Custom Shade Analysis PDF, that explains the service in patient-friendly terms and includes a map and directions to the laboratory.