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Hi Angie & Greg, from John - Friday, July 17, 2015 at 12:30 am EST

A temporary e-Newsletter Template design appears below. Email content goes INSIDE it. It's a static "container" while the content inside it changes with each newsletter.

It's just my suggested design and can be "tweaked" until it's as you like.

As it stands - This is how the Template is set up...
It contains a "header graphic" - like the one that appears on each page of the PDA website. The Facebook and Youtube graphic links work - and other links at the bottom help a viewer to 1) go to your Website - or - 2) send you an email.
Another link below that - allow a viewer to remove themselves from your email list. This is a courtesy that we should provide - but the viewer will have to go to a certain page of your Website to remove their email from your list.

Pacific Dental Arts e-Newsletter

Pacific Dental Arts e-Newsletter
July - August 2015
Any Text Here
Any Text Here

Temporary Section 1 - Images and text here - the Newsletter will elongate to suit whatever content (text & images) is placed here

Section 2 - Another section if U want one...

Section 3  - if U want

Section 4 - if U want

Section 5 - if U want


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